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About Me

Beata Maria Zdyb


My education

Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science.

Education in art, design, photography and fashion.

What am I doing

I deal with abstract easel painting and painting on paper. The theme is floristry.

Textile art – a combination of skill, imagination, colors and fabrics.

Crazy ceramics in single copies. A real mosaic.

Bottle art, wine boxes.

Collage 3 Red Flower

Landscape, street, animal and real estate photography on request.

Drone photos and short videos.

Photo editing

Computer graphics – I mainly create limited series of abstract flower graphics that illuminate many interiors.


My works do not reflect reality. I weave it into the world of imagination. It is a journey into the world of illusion. Subjective interpretation of the environment.

Many of the works are inspired by the Swiss climate, tradition and culture. They are inspired by people, their differences and individuality.


For me, sustainability is not just about consumption.

My works are made of recycled materials.

Driftwood comes from Lake Constance.

The fabrics are mostly leftovers from new and used clothes or leftovers of Swiss fabrics.

Zero waste

Zero waste – sewn products and textile collages are created with sustainable development in mind. Environmentally friendly. Biodegradable, ecological raw materials.

My exhibitions

Some of my exhibitions. Painting, computer graphics, photography, arts and crafts.

Selected photos from publications in the media and photo competitions.

The art is great, but it takes some investment


How can you support me?


I work with different materials. If you have unnecessary fabric, I will gladly accept them for my projects.


You can deposit any amount.

IBAN CH59 8131 9000 0105 2243 6 BIC-SWIFT: RAIFCH22D19

A piece of the wall

If you run a cafe, restaurant, clinic, shop, or any other place I would love to add my artwork.

Small donations

Symbolic amounts on Ko-Fi.

Contact form

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Beata Maria Zdyb Art Studio

Switzerland, Kanton St. Gallen

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