Przejdź do treści


Ceramic art design. 

Unique design. Single copies.

Abstract fabric images.

Textile landscapes, that relate to Swiss motifs, Swiss culture, Swiss landscapes.

Crazy faces, flora and  collages.

Painted clothes. Unique pattern.
Finished projects. Custom creations.

Minimalist, limited edition prints.
Swiss mountain landscape.
The mighty snow-capped Alps.

Futuristic flowers in the style of pop art.
But also personalized, themed wallpapers for computer, phone and tablet.

Hand-painted pictures on canvas and paper.

Modern art 

Unique mosaic.

Decorations made of driftwood, painted angels on driftwood from Lake Constance.

Recycled arts. Unique.

Jewelry made from textiles, leder and driftwood from swiss Lake Constance.

Sewn bracelets with Toho and Glass beads.

Single copies.

Hand-painted wine bottles and wine bottle boxes.

Interesting, abstract design.

Photos from Switzerland and other countries

Photo correction.

Retouching old photos.

Photographs from the drone.

Art is beautiful, but it is a lot of work

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